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International Tourism Drops 2020

International tourism spend tumbles by $753.6bn in 2020

Our latest research has estimated that the global tourism industry has endured an estimated loss of $753.6bn as a result of Covid, and that’s across the top 50 countries alone with the total impact likely to be far higher.  Hoo analysed data from the World Tourism Organization on international tourism receipts across the top 50 […]

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Handling Hotel Stress

Handling Hotel Stress: Hoo’s Guide For Staff And Management

The hospitality industry makes up a third of employment, and back in 2015, in the UK alone, was responsible for hiring around 2.9million people. The hotel sector has also been one of the very few industries which grows enormously each year, as demand soars higher than the number of staff working within it.  However, with […]

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Hotel Room Vacancies

The Empty Room Challenge

It’s a hotel industry standard but the old saying that “the most expensive room is an empty room” has never felt more relevant than right now. When the lockdown from the Coronavirus eventually lifts, the challenge of filling the empty room will never have been greater. Firstly, some benchmarks… Average Occupancy rates of 75% – […]

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Hotel CRM

Customer Service & The D2C Experience: Why Hotel CRM Still Matters

Discovery of a problem! As co-founders continuing to build hoo, Adrian and I are slowly picking our way in detail through the hotel booking journey from beginning to end and the customer communications involved for the hotel.  As a newbie to the hospitality sector, I assumed the end came when the booking was made in […]

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If You Want Real Change… Look Elsewhere

It’s pretty much impossible to predict the future with any real certainty. At least, that’s what I thought – only, as it turns out, it isn’t. An unlikely place to make this discovery is a conference for hotel revenue managers – on paper, possibly the driest place you could find in a wet and windy […]

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How getting #StrandedInBerlin showed the travel industry how to survive in a world gone mad

Previously when an industry event that I am excited about is cancelled, all of the opportunities, potential contacts and personal development vanish with it. However, that did not happen when ITB Berlin finally succumbed to the ‘should we / should we not’ responsibility of the COVID virus spread this week and cancelled for the first […]

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