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Once you’re booked, you can work out ways to spend the money you’ve saved!


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Time for a change

hoo is a marketplace where hotels and travellers are brought together to reach a deal that works for both sides

Find your hotel

See thousands of hotels - from chains to independents, 5-stars to B&Bs..

Place your bid or just book now

Once you’ve found the perfect hotel, book it at the list price, or try an offer that suits you.

Make a deal

If your offer gets accepted you’re ready to go - hoo helps you and the hotel get to a price that works.

Don’t stop with one hotel

You can send offers to as many hotels as you like.

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“Seemed too good to be true, I’m amazed!”

Sarah from Birmingham,
Saved £22 by making an offer on hoo

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Why would a hotel accept an offer?
Will my offer be accepted?
How long does it take?
What if my offer is declined by the hotel?
What if I change my mind once I’ve made an offer?
Can I make offers to multiple hotels for the same dates?

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If you can’t find that room or get that price right now, come back and check us out again. 

You deserve a better deal - all you need to do is ask.